13 November 2010 @ 10:51 pm
Decided to register at Eatability because I've got my opinions and what are they worth if people don't hear 'em? So here's my first review about our disappointing local pizza joint:

"We know the ingredients were very fresh because our pizza had barely seen the oven. We were astounded that it could have left the restaurant 80% raw. We were actually too angry to ring and ask for our money back. Maybe that's how they stay in business."

We get our pizzas from a suburb further away now. They're delicious!

What can I put a picture here to do with? You know what I mean. Whatever photograph shall I upload to LiveJournal, and in what manner may I justify same?

Also why does my Google Search bar say "i am kloot"? I didn't do that, but I just pressed Enter and played "Proof". Oh my goodness. I wish I could figure out why I love Christopher Eccleston as much as I do despite having seen hardly anything he's ever done. I've seen approximately 1-2 eps of his Doctor Who. (I've only ever seen about four or five episodes in total - yes, since childhood.) If I could figure it out - and even if I can't - I could probably wax poetical about why I don't particularly like David Tennant.

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04 September 2010 @ 02:39 pm
If the thought alone didn't oppress my spirit I'd coat a wall from skirt to ceiling in postcards. Hundreds of little windows on the world and windows into worlds of art. I have enough now to do it and everything.


And there are options of narrowing criteria and specialising. Like installing rotating galleries of theme-specific postcards. Unfortunately, I don't see any of these mini collections peeking (or peaking) above the baseline of carsickness that goes right down through your chassis on drizzly days like today (foggy Friday):

· European tourist towns of the 1960s - '70s replete with Lederhosen Hans, tulip-tipped gardens, steeply pitched chalet rooves, and scenic lookouts with rugged alpine treachery in width-restricted panorama.
· Indigenous art and craftworks from Australia, the Americas and SE Asia. Ochre-hued Warumpi dot paintings photographed respectably exquisitely, modern aerial Utopia Nation layouts, and curlicue-feathered lyrebirds of the Darug. Indian papooses and/or moccasins and/or jewellery.
Free and advertising postcards, one in every fifteen somewhat appealing. Traditional Asia, fluorescent powders, silken fabrics, complicated jewellery, carvings in wood.
· Animals. Raccoon, black bear, grizzly bear, cows, donkey, bison, coyote, buffalo, deer, toad, cat, prairie dog, otter, roadrunner, owl, falcon, robin, chipmunk, squirrel.

- - - - -

Through the fog and the Fri of the day, I forgot to post this yesterday. Chores got agrip, time marched, and Kenji and I went for a walk. Guess what I saw upon our return - right across the quiet little street running alongside our backyard...

(a) a wallaby
(b) a rooster
(c) a kookaburra
(d) a neighbour I hadn't met yet

Guess away. That way I'll know if the ether answers back.

Now I wanna...

(1) write some postcards
(2) pay some bills
(3) have something to drink
(4) sniff some glue

I'm your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb.

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Why am I suddenly posting? Why, because I'm supposed to be packing, of course. I always mean to post to LJ, but it takes a deadline of two more days and half a house left to pack for me to sign in and actually do it.

It's so lovely to be here. What's new?

Not the mountain cottage we're moving into on Friday (sign lease, get keys tomorrow). It's probably Federation-built and un-Sandra-Sullied by any gawd-offal '70s retrofit. (Isn't 'retrofit' one of those annoying buzzwords like 'redux' used to be?) It's got old timber floorboards, stained glass windows, slow combustion fireplace, pressed tin ceilings and hall walls, high ceilings, period pendant lights, and a wood-burning Kooka/Aga in the kitchen, only it's a Bega and it's defunct. There's two gardens separated by a wire fence and gate. I think the back one might have been an orchard once.

Todd passed me my beverage and nearly let go before I'd gripped it properly. Here's me: "WOAH! Don't let go til--" and he's all frozen in position, which is funny. "You don't have to tell ME, I was a boy scout." Oh God, I think. "Oh God," I say, "I bet you were a terrible boy scout, weren't you?" He says he was. "Were you?" "Yeah, I was pretty bad. I wasn't that interested so I only half-arsed it." Ah, fair enough. "I did make a nice bar of soap for my mom though using old bars of soap."
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18 May 2010 @ 09:24 am


Photo from some funnies website. Text decoration by Elsie.


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13 April 2010 @ 10:02 am
Poor little Elsie Wisdom is at the vets right now. She was chased out of her own backyard by Otto, the thug-cat next door. He's been around. I'd seen her bolt up from the bottom of the garden yesterday morning but I mistook it for skittishness, random freneticism. Or perhaps she'd seen fairies. I'd even asked her what she was doing.
"Just having a bit of a run around the garden, are you, little kitty?"
I'd mown the lawn the day before which it had needed like you cannot believe my shame. I'd figured it must have been even more liberating for the shorter family members - a portend of hope for the rapidly chilling autumn - but it turns out it was just more valuable, conquerable terrain for Herr Otto. A new winter sport for when brittle sun rays shone and shadows were cast more artfully on the flat expanse of grass. Bloddy Otto.

Elsie (I nearly wrote Ruby... she'll never fade...) spliced the back of her thigh wide open on the corner edge of the tall metal sheet fence as she was chased over it. (Yet another reason to loathe Colourbond fencing in my arsenal against them.) I didn't know there were any raw edges but lo, the beautiful underneath curve of her leg was rended deeply and dramatically. It was so deep there was no blood, just sinew or muscle, indeterminate inside flesh (it was too gruesome and emergent to inspect) and a bulbous mass of--I mean, it looked like an organ. A bulbous mass of leg organ. I suppose it was a different, more major muscle; intact but protruding through to the outside air.

We scooped her up onto a thick, clean towel and placed her into her soft carrier. I'm so glad we have such a well-designed carrier. (Target a few years ago, around $22.99, in a sharp black/brown/white gingham with black piping, black mesh end windows, a roll-up plastic window which you can zip open just enough to pat/soothe them without them fleeing if anxious, a flat outside pocket, adequate [good] straps and handle including an internal one with a small G-clip to hook onto their collar if need be, soft black inner walls, the entire thing ventilated but private, yet kitty can see what's going on and be somewhat sociable if she wants. Do you know proud I am of this thing I didn't even design, and that it's better than those $75+ hard-shell cages *CLANG! YOU'RE IN JAIL* and that I totally love it?)

She had to go under general anaesthetic for the op, obv, and the vet said she'd have been in a moderate amount of pain. He might even have said "mild" but I almost believed him because Elsie was still bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, bless 'er li'l socks. She was notably compliant with the vet, but she had some spark too. She wasn't in shock.

Oh, Todd's on the phone to the vet now. I hope she can come home today!

Well, Herr Doktor won't know until later on... Come home, Elsie Wisdom! At least she's fine again and all muscles and skin pieces have been sutured back in place.
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05 April 2010 @ 08:49 am
This is my new desktop background:

I am called Králický Sněžník Mountain and I am the beauty on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland.

My last three desktop pics didn't last all that long.

How about yours?

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05 April 2010 @ 08:42 am
Out of 144 countries that were ranked on the Global Peace Index, we were ranked 19th which puts us in the most peaceful 20% bracket. New Zealand was ranked no. 1. Good on ya, NZ! 144 and 143 are Iraq and Afghanistan, respectively, bottoming out the least peaceful 20%. USA ranked a boring 83 ("please see me") and the UK ranked 35 ("could do better").

Conceived by Steve Killelea, an Australian philanthropist, the index has been both praised and criticised. I suppose I read it thinking of international warfare and nothing much else in mind, tipped off probably by the word Global that's in the title, but internal peace is obviously one critical aspect I take for granted, for the most part. That's not true. I don't take it for granted. I know how lucky I am to live where I do, and I think the degree of violent crime we have here is far beneath an acceptable level, but then I read something like this:

"The Peace Index has been criticised for not including indicators specifically relating to violence against women and children. Riane Eisler, writing in the Christian Science Monitor, argued that, "to put it mildly, this blind spot makes the index very inaccurate." She mentions a number of specific cases, including Egypt, where she claims 90% of women are subject to genital mutilation and China, where, she says, "female infanticide is still a problem," according to a 2000 UNICEF study."

90% of Egyptian women. I can't believe it but I've just never considered Egypt when I've considered the horrifying miscarriage of basic human rights that is genital mutilation. Kind of puts a dampener on "Australia's no. 19! Yeah!"

And it truly makes you question New Zealand's no. 1, doesn't it? (Get Once Were Warriors out on DVD if you don't know what I'm implying.)

That reminds me, in a roundabout way. I finally saw a film I never particularly wanted to see but knew that I should: This is England. Terry Gilliam knows how to spell B-L-E-A-K, cor blimey... The saddest character, to me, was the sunny-faced Smell. I should find out who the actor was who played the psychotic guy whose name has escaped me in the space of two days...

I'm wondering if I should renew my already-lapsed paid account on LiveJournal or not bother. What has changed? Why is it harder for me to update? It's not like I hang out on Facebook instead like so many others. I'm on it, but I hate Facebook. Such a lack of privacy if you want to be available to friends, and such an imposition on your selfhood if you want to be available to family. [Ouch?] Sorry, fam! It's just weird....

I wish I knew what my LJ friends were up to. I wish I hadn't fallen out of touch. Please leave a comment if you're reading this and want to stay connected via Friends lists. I think the most basic housekeeping I need to do if I want to resume spilling my daily dealings should be to tighten up that list. Shorten it to my faves and bare essential connections (that doesn't sound very personal, does it?), and keep my options open for meeting new LJ friends too. Gotta remember it's not a closed book!

I think we're going for a drive today with Kenji, although I'm keen to mow that overgrown back lawn and prune back the hedges and bushes by about a third...
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25 February 2010 @ 03:10 pm
I'm looking for an ID tag to buy online for Elsie. She lost her perfect, pale pink leather, tiny-studded collar with the beautiful seam work and tiniest, but not tinniest, of bells that you could hear but which never annoyed. That one had our home number on it but also the mobile number I don't use, so I don't mind losing that. Also because Todd said it looked like a real teenaged girl style thing - pale pink, blue, silver. Like something you'd get from Rip Curl or Roxy - ick! It was only ever meant to be temporary anyway so no biggie, but the collar...! (Maybe I'll try and conjure the brand name to mind and find one of them online.)

OK, that's just the preamble - orange ewe lucky? Here's the guts: I found this awesome pet ID tag on Etsy. If you know me, you know I'm nuts for Peanuts, and this is just the Charlie Brown T-shirt logo. An orange tag with a thick black zigzag across it. Unfortunately, it's too big at 1.25" which I just eyeb47855 (thanks, Elsie) - which I just eyeballed on my American Presidents ruler :D ... that's 3.25cm. (Bummer.) ANYWAY, I thought it looked too orange in the various pics. Too reddish-orange. Here's one of them:

I don't know if my memory deceives me (it's been so long since I've read a Peanuts comic in colour) or if it's the Schulz and Peanuts book I ordered from Amazon which has a dissatisfyingly über-canary-yellow cover:

Actually, that doesn't look wrong. My book does though. Mine has an almost citrus-y yellow cover. More like the yellow in my "ARRRGGH!" user icon than in that book cover image:

Well, anyway, the tag's too big and now, clearly, too Great Pumpkin orange to look right. Back to the drawing board, Little Miss Elsie.

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13 February 2010 @ 02:55 pm
An enchanting "To Do" list from Leafcutter Designs. I'll bold the ones I've done (or very, very close).

1. Have a silent tea party with blindfolds so everything is served and shared through touch.

2. Cut a small slit in your pillow, insert your hand and feel the feathers, then sew it back up.

3. Pet a moth.

4. Type with your tongue.

5. Touch the tip of every spike on a cactus very carefully.

6. Spell sentences into each other’s palms with a finger.

7. Document sleep wrinkles.

8. Carefully pour a handful of sewing pins back and forth between your hands.

9. Remove and save every seed from the surface of a strawberry and send each one to a different person in an envelope.

10. Unroll an entire spool of thread onto your bare feet.

11. Choose a pair of pants and run your finger over every seam and stitch.

12. Have a friend select 10 garments from your closet and try to identify them all by touch with your eyes closed.

13. Arrange your socks into a kaleidoscopic pattern on the floor.

14. Hide dimes at the eye level of small children where adults won't see them.

15. From memory, draw a floor plan of the earliest home you remember living in.

16. Draw a tiny picture of your personal superhero and tape it to your toothbrush. No, but a boy at a zine fair gave me a short-sharpened lead pencil with his comic superhero glued to it because I loved it sooo much!

17. Take a walk in a shape of your choosing – plot it out on a map either before or after.

18. When a child is sitting behind you on the airplane, turn your barf bag into a puppet.

19. Make paper airplanes out of your paychecks before sending them to your bank.

20. Collect carpet lint and then juggle it.

21. Write a message on a friend's porch by arranging leaves into words.

22. Grow flowers in the basket on the front of your bicycle.

23. Replace a door inside your house with fabric and a really long zipper.

24. When guests come over replace your toilet paper with a little basket of leaves.

25. Hide notes to future readers in library books.

26. Leave jokes on paper for your post-person every day, each day providing the answer to the joke from the day before.

27. Plant a seed and camp out next to it, watching it every moment until it sprouts.

28. Glue wiggly-eyes onto your face on your driver's license.

29. Perform miniature story slide shows with tiny hand-drawn pictures in front of a door peep-hole after knocking on a neighbor's front door.

* * * * *

I don't really want to write about it yet/anymore as I'm spent, but I did want to provide this info as a place marker: Gordon died yesterday. RIP, dear noble gentleman. Your soul does indeed lie in the sun, and that's the last thing I ever saw you doing.

Well, I'm off now, either to make scones or to nap. I found a recipe for a scone recipe swap I'm in, but as it's an American swap, I think they meant drop scones. I'd better do some research. Or have that nap.

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10 February 2010 @ 05:46 pm
Here I am! In front of the oscillating fan, under the ceiling fan. I have two pieces of mail to read: a postcard of F-15 Eagles flying in formation over Hampton, VA (just read it; very neat writing), and a small padded bag of chocolate from Helsinki, Finland... must open, must open... Awww, there's an "I LOVE YOU" candy hearts postcard inside, and the chocolates are full-on melted! They're both Fazer brand, if anyone's interested. One's called Pätkis and the other's Karl Fazer. Oh, it's like a Top Deck: white chocolate on top of brown chocolate. It says "sinister" on the packaging - awesome! (OK, it says "sinistauml;" and I don't know what it means.) I wonder if it will harden with a marbelised pattern or just some wonky formation. It's warm inside but not too bad. It's baking outside. HEY! I'm hungry. 5:37pm and of course I haven't had lunch (as per yooozj) so I'ma eat a Pätkis. It says "maitosuklaalla kuorrutettu minttutryffeli" and "mjölkchoklad överdragen minttryffel" so I'm guessing it's milk chocolate-covered mint... truffle?

And that's my scintillating update.

Oh, it's kinda yum - for mint. Sugary (I need!) but only an 18g bar. Nice.

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